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Mar 8

Accepting Changes.

Accepting change can be hard, but once you let go of the thoughts and be in the moment. Thinking of it as a new phase in your life, you free yourself of the hurt. Maybe right now it sticks in your mind but as the days go on it slowly evaporates like the rain does on a drizzly day. When we try to help people in ways that they can’t see, if the same result keeps happening we must take a step back and be silent in the tree’s. Let them sway in the wind and make their own path. Just as we have our own lives to live. It’s harder when we care so deeply but as i’ve learnt today, I am no use worrying about it. Tears trickle down my cheeks and my heart swells, but as I take the time to see clearly, my love is enough for them to feel. It’s all I can give. And for now I must let it be. Just as it is. Life is too short to have regrets and pain, each person is here to love and feel happiness. No matter what today can make you feel over the next few hours life can suprise you. There’s no knowing the future, but you and I can have a say in it, by looking to the good and letting go of the negative. We allow the universe in,  become an open vessel and embrace the change with new eyes new thoughts and new sense of self. Stronger than before.  

Jan 25
“the universe is the stage in which you dance, letting your heart guide you” sophia sassoon

Dec 30

Little bit poorly but on my way to recovery :)))) x

Hey all sorry haven’t posted in a while, I have sore left ribs and a mighty ole cough,nothing that some rest and positivity and maybe cough mixture can’t fix.

Determined to stay uber positive about this, I always see people moan and groan and complain when they are ill. Suddenly everyone must feel bad or sorry for them. In my eye that just intensifies the problem, the illness or pain gets larger and the thoughts around it bring it into reality, making you feel worse!

Negative/bad thoughts = more negative low feelings = your reality

Positive happy loving thoughts = more loving happy feelings = your reality

There are lots of books out there that tell you that what you think you become. So by thinking ill thoughts and spreading the I’m so ill vibe  ”feel sorry for me” attitude the universe gives you more of the illness and more sorry feelings. Well I say NO!

I only want good wishes and positive thoughts of well being and love and happiness. So if anyone reads this I’d love you to wish me health and happiness and no mention of being ill :))) And in no time at all I shall be my usual self, can’t wait to go for a run ahhhhh just the thought makes me excited.. And a little tired. Off to rest some more. 

Resting I’m also getting used to. I never used to see much need to sleep, But our bodies really do need lots of rest and Water.

Love you all and I wish you all health and happiness and a great start to the New Year x 

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