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Apr 28

Apr 21

Lovely afternoon in Hyde park with my brother - nature is the best - It feeds the soul with purity and calm. I’m so blessed to have a brother who is also such a good friend my partner in crime my best buddy till the end! X

Mar 25

My birthday was a few days go. The cake was the most delicious I have ever tried given to me by my love. Surrounded by my loved ones I couldn’t ask for a better day.
Another year older and I another year wiser ☺ Life is truly beautiful. If you can make everyday feel like your birthday your really are living life to the full!

Nov 19
Rules for Happiness Xx

Rules for Happiness Xx

Jul 17

"Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it."

Bernard Meltzer

Kisses for you x 

Jul 14

Be the one who smiles, it can change everything x

Jun 11

Patch Adams - Laughter - Good health

Just watched Patch Adams last night. 

Being ill sucks!!  Although it allows us time to reflect on life and take a moment to relax and listen to our bodies and what they are telling us, and answer the question… how did we get ill in the first place. Stress, over work, under work, week immune system, catching a cold off someone any of these can be causes. I personally think when we are ill; it’s a time of healing and care. We should nurture ourselves and take the time off we need to heal and recover, You are no more useful, being ill and working than you are lying in bed resting. To be at our best we need our body and minds in harmony and sync. Each should be in balance with the other. 

So back to Patch… I loved this film. Robin Williams was fantastic, just the right amount of humor and emotion to portray Patch and make me really believe he was Patch. I love the fact it’s based on the real Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams.  It made me cry, laugh, feel sorrow and joy. It’s so moving, touching and sad yet happiness arrives at the end and your left feeling like you’ve been taken on a human emotional rollercoaster and done a complete circle. Loneliness, Love and compassion are what make this film really get to me. Things that we all experience yet don’t openly talk about much. It’s behind the close doors or the mask of social correctness do we all feel these emotions and fall into categories where we must behave and act a certain way. By connecting and sharing with one another we can heal many problems we fight within ourselves. And help heal disease turn it into ease. I adore the philosophy and motto “treat the patient not the disease”.

Happiness and laughter is the best human medicine and it is scientifically proven that the more we laugh and feel happy emotions the better we feel. Even if you pretend to laugh or act happy, your body produces “happiness” chemicals. Our bodies do not know the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it. Whatever the source of laughter, it leads to the same set of physiological changes in the body. Laughter generates the release of positive chemicals, which


·         Enrich the blood with plentiful supplies of oxygen

·         Boost the immune system and bring relaxation

·         Counteract harmful stress chemicals

·         Release endorphins, the body’s pain-killer hormone, and give a sense of well-being

·         Counteract depression, anxiety and psychosomatic problems

·         Ensure good sleep

·         Bring a happy glow to your face and make your eyes shine


SO…. That being said, I think you should SMILE, THINK GOOD HAPPY thoughts. Anything funny and laugh, shake off the stress from before or the annoying call you had or a nagging person who bothered you and laugh, laugh your socks off, until you cry then keep going. And be silly in public and cheer up your friends. I promise you it works. Soon as I wake I’m going to tell all my family jokes and make them chuckle too. 



Apr 27
“Rules for Happiness:
something to do,
someone to love,
something to hope for.”
Immanuel Kant 

Apr 13
“Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.”  Sri Chinmoy

Dec 30

Little bit poorly but on my way to recovery :)))) x

Hey all sorry haven’t posted in a while, I have sore left ribs and a mighty ole cough,nothing that some rest and positivity and maybe cough mixture can’t fix.

Determined to stay uber positive about this, I always see people moan and groan and complain when they are ill. Suddenly everyone must feel bad or sorry for them. In my eye that just intensifies the problem, the illness or pain gets larger and the thoughts around it bring it into reality, making you feel worse!

Negative/bad thoughts = more negative low feelings = your reality

Positive happy loving thoughts = more loving happy feelings = your reality

There are lots of books out there that tell you that what you think you become. So by thinking ill thoughts and spreading the I’m so ill vibe  ”feel sorry for me” attitude the universe gives you more of the illness and more sorry feelings. Well I say NO!

I only want good wishes and positive thoughts of well being and love and happiness. So if anyone reads this I’d love you to wish me health and happiness and no mention of being ill :))) And in no time at all I shall be my usual self, can’t wait to go for a run ahhhhh just the thought makes me excited.. And a little tired. Off to rest some more. 

Resting I’m also getting used to. I never used to see much need to sleep, But our bodies really do need lots of rest and Water.

Love you all and I wish you all health and happiness and a great start to the New Year x 

Aug 19


so true 



so true 

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