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Jan 3

walkingonaillusion said: What do you do when you're not feeling at your best?

Take a walk and notice everything around me - the people, birds the sky even how cold it is. I try to become present and realize that it can only get better from this moment on. Nothing is out of reach, you just have to remind yourself that it’s only today your not feeling at your best tomorrow is a new day. Read a book or watch a good film. Smile because a smile no matter how you’re feeling switches your thoughts from bad to good. Try it now :) And realize millions of other people feel bad all the time because they don’t appreciate life they have now. Or experience anything. I think it’s excellent to have good and bad days, that way you value the good more and the bad teaches you lesson’s. 

Hope some of my babble makes sense… or answer’s your q a little. 


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