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Dec 30

Little bit poorly but on my way to recovery :)))) x

Hey all sorry haven’t posted in a while, I have sore left ribs and a mighty ole cough,nothing that some rest and positivity and maybe cough mixture can’t fix.

Determined to stay uber positive about this, I always see people moan and groan and complain when they are ill. Suddenly everyone must feel bad or sorry for them. In my eye that just intensifies the problem, the illness or pain gets larger and the thoughts around it bring it into reality, making you feel worse!

Negative/bad thoughts = more negative low feelings = your reality

Positive happy loving thoughts = more loving happy feelings = your reality

There are lots of books out there that tell you that what you think you become. So by thinking ill thoughts and spreading the I’m so ill vibe  ”feel sorry for me” attitude the universe gives you more of the illness and more sorry feelings. Well I say NO!

I only want good wishes and positive thoughts of well being and love and happiness. So if anyone reads this I’d love you to wish me health and happiness and no mention of being ill :))) And in no time at all I shall be my usual self, can’t wait to go for a run ahhhhh just the thought makes me excited.. And a little tired. Off to rest some more. 

Resting I’m also getting used to. I never used to see much need to sleep, But our bodies really do need lots of rest and Water.

Love you all and I wish you all health and happiness and a great start to the New Year x 

  1. b-b-beth said: I totally agree with you! you’re so right about thoughts becoming our reality. I hope you’re are feeling really great and healthy Have a good New Years Eve!
  2. humaira-ashraf said: "Happiness is one of the most important treasures. It is within your soul. All you have to do, is dig it out and enjoy it." Happy New Year to you too Sophia! X
  3. annamimran said: Get well soon S wishing you a fantastic new year. Your positive attitude is so inspiring. Much love xx
  4. adrug-ofprocrastination said: I wish you all the best, in health and life, you’ll be well in no time x
  5. w-anderingchild said: so random but you were out clubbing with my cousin on christmas eve! Shes friends with your sis and i was uber jelly of her! xxxx
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